Thursday, March 4, 2010

Netherlands versus GRYFFINDOR!

Wow, it's been a long time. Almost a week longer than I initially promised? I'm having blog-writing withdrawals.

After finishing my epic amounts of work, I got sick. This happens to me so often. As soon as I'm no longer super busy, my body peaces out.

Despite having tiny chicken disease, I went with the rest of my students in my program yesterday to see the Netherlands versus USA football game.

I'm not a big fan of sports events, typically speaking, but I was WAY excited for this game. I bought a Netherlands jersey and made sure all of my accessories were team colors (blue leggings, orange socks, etc.). I definitely thought that the number on the jersey I bought at the souvenir shop was going to be either an outdated player or a really sucky one because I always think people are trying to trick tourists. However, #19 Klass Jan Huntelaar definitely ended up being the star of the game.

A lot of people on facebook have been criticizing me for rooting for Netherlands instead of my home country. Here are my arguments 
1. I didn't want to get beat up. The USA fans consisted of about ten people.
2. I've never followed sports before so I have zero allegiance to the USA team.
3. I don't have much allegiance to the USA, period.
4. I will take any excuse to wear orange.
5. As a classmate so aptly put it, "I want to root for the winning team."

The US scored that one point in the last four minutes of the game. It was insane! There was totally a chance the game was going to end in a tie during overtime.

Said critics may be proud of me, however, because I think I might actually start following football now. I really got into the game and I actually understand most of it, having played for most of my childhood.

Oh, to explain the title. Before the game started, my friend asked me what I thought the final score would be and I replied, "I bet Netherlands wins, but the US gets the snitch." (Those of you who do not get that reference, shame on you. Go read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Now. RIGHT NOW!) Later in the game, I got this text from my roommate, who was sitting in a different part of the stadium,

Best roommate ever? 

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