Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Earth Looks Better From a Star

I'm a 20 year-old university student at NYU, where I consider studying many things and end up with nothing to tell the relatives. After spending eighteen of my developmental years in Texas (including three semesters of my undergraduate education), I jetted off to Europe for a semester at the University of Amsterdam and then settled down in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I spend my time off from university.

This blog is where I chronicle my life as a university student in New York as well as my travels (rare as they may be), my thoughts (also rare), ways to decrease world suck and anything else that I deem worthy enough to be put into blog-form.

The Lorax is my travel buddy, who is extremely pretentious and only likes his picture taken in front of famous landmarks (except for the odd occasion that he has too much dizzy water and becomes a total camera whore). My friend, Kelly, bought him for me at Kohl’s and, for some reason, I decided to bring him with me while I studied in Amsterdam (despite the fact that he wouldn't fit in my luggage and I had to carry him around the airport like a three year-old). I took a few twitpics of the Lorax at the airport to pass the time and, with the input of my followers, I decided to take photos of him at every place I visited. Thus, The Adventures of the Lorax began.

Another recurring segment here is 21 New Things, which, to my knowledge, is the brainchild of the awesome Sarah Von of Yes and Yes. The concept is that you try one new thing for every year old that you will be on your next birthday. Check out the list on the sidebar to see my progress so far and go to Sarah's site for a list of bloggers doing the project.

The last thing to look out for are Easter Eggs that I leave around the site. If ever the title of an entry does not seem to fit (like this one), search for the hidden link within the text. It will lead you to a clue as to the meaning behind the title. More than likely it will be some awful British pop culture reference or a song by the Elephant 6 Recording Company.

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"Honest, yes; objective, no. Let my truth be my prejudice." W. Eugene Smith