Monday, March 15, 2010


Who fails as a blogger? That would be me.

I wish I could say that I've been terribly busy going to concerts and traveling across Europe. The sad truth is that I have been doing absolutely nothing. Really. I haven't even had homework for the past four days. How do I take advantage of my free time? Laying in bed and listening to Harry Potter audiobooks for almost a week straight.

No worries though. Life is on the verge of becoming very hectic. I have plans to go to Maastricht, London, Cambridge, Oxford, Stratford and Paris in the coming month. In addition to that, classes will be picking up the pace with more assignments and presentations. Oh and that list of 20 New Things to try before I turn 20? I haven't forgotten about it. I've got my work cut out for me for the next month and a half (Wait...only a month and a half until I'm no longer a teenager? NO!!! I must pack in as much reckless and ridiculous behavior as possible in the coming weeks!).

As I plan all of these trips and outings, I can't help feeling a twinge of homesickness. Not like pining for my family and the comfort of my own bed. I'm just kind of missing aspects of American life, particularly aspects I never thought I would miss.

Like driving my car. I hate traffic. I hate the necessity of driving a car. And I hate my faulty alarm system. Nonetheless, I completely miss putting the windows down, accelerating as fast as I can and blasting my latest music discoveries. I've found substantially less new artists since being here because I do so much of my music listening while driving...which I don't do here.

 Look at that 2002 Corolla. So sexy. How can you not miss that?

There are also somethings that I don't think I even liked while in the States, but which I find myself suddenly craving. Namely, Dr. Pepper. This is something a few people told me to indulge in before leaving Texas, but, not being a huge soda drinker myself (except for rootbeer and ohemgee there is NO ROOTBEER ANYWHERE IN HOLLAND!!), I didn't bother having a last glass of Dr. Pepper or anything. Now, I'm totally craving it simply because there isn't any. 

Another thing there isn't any of? Nature. I realized today that I can't remember the last time I saw a tree. Those tiny ones planted in the middle of sidewalks don't count. I'm talking about a real tree. Surrounded by grass. So old that you can't reach your arms around it. Where are those? I want one.

Tree. Tree. Tree. Tree. Tree. They don't count!!

Lucky for Amsterdam that he's such an awesome city or else I might have to punch him in the face for his epic lack of nature and Dr. Pepper.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about him either.

Once I actually visit some exciting places, the Lorax will be back with a vigor. Until then, I'll try to keep writing about life in Amsterdam even when my personal life is exceedingly boring.

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CNE said...

It's always the things you don't expect to miss. When I was in Spain I missed my boots. Its was like 110 degrees everyday, why the hell would I need boots? But I missed my boots!