Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Steampunk Anything?

Last winter, I wrote about a steampunk/fifties looking PC. Now, a guy is doing it for Macs. Only his are completely steampunk. No trying to dim it down to look more normal.

Amazing, right? Ok, well, it's amazing to those of us who like to pretend the Victorian era is still alive and well.

I'm pretty sure he custom makes desktops and keyboards for mac or pc hardware, but he certainly makes it clear on his site which team he is on.

Typewriter keys! Ah, I LOVE typewriter keys!

I can't quite decide if I would be more likely to buy this full steampunk model or the sleek, steampunk/fifties model. I think I would wait to buy this one until I'm rich and eccentric (cause, y'know, that's my undisputed future).

Assuming you could afford it, which would you choose?

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