Monday, March 22, 2010

Sabbath Manifesto

Sabbath Manifesto is a group (well meaning, but admittedly, with a bit of cult-y feel) put together for the purpose of discouraging technology, particularly for the tech-addicted. This year, they started the National Day of Unplugging, which occurred on March 20th. Naturally, I heard about it on March 21st.

I am kicking myself for not hearing about this project until after it happened. It would have been perfect to do my tech-free day (part of my 20 New Things experiment) on the National Day of Unplugging. Alas, I'll have to go at it alone.

In reading through Sabbath Manifesto's website, I decided I should try to go tech-free one day out of every month. On a personal note, I am VERY tied to all of my electronics. On a broader scale, I am in full support of national/international hours/days of shutting down electricity in order to conserve both energy and sanity in our tech-reliant world.

 Clearly addicted face right there.

Having days where I don't use technology has actually been something I've considered since I was eight. I had quite a few friends growing up whose families abstained from technology on Saturdays. Some were Orthodox Jews and others were of the vegan environmentalist homeschooled genre. Either way, I thought they were crazy at the time. How could you go a whole day without television??

While I have long since passed the days of daily (or even weekly) television watching, I would now ask my friends, "how could you go a whole day without the internet?" I guess addictions change.

The Lorax is also addicted to his technology.

If I really want to try going tech-free once a month, it will require lots of planning. Most of my homework tends to rely on my computer and I will definitely admit to being paranoid about keeping my phone on me incase of sudden apocalypse/car crash/attempted murder. I'd also have to set my own boundaries. For example, will driving my car be allowed? What about an electric stove or microwave? Strictly speaking, I should abstain from all of the aforementioned, but most likely I'll allow them.

With the exception of my one no-tech day before my birthday, I think I'll wait until I'm back home in the States to intiate monthly no-tech days.

Anyone else ever tried or thought about trying a no-tech day? What would be hardest to give up?


CNE said...

I support this decision and I may actually steal it from you. I must say though that the boundaries part is very important. I see the difficuly in avoiding microwaves, stoves, etc. But what about electric lights? How about hot showers? And does it apply outside the home? What if you go into a store that uses electric doors? Does that count? All things to ponder.

Joanna said...

I live off of my computer. But I think I could give it up for one day. However, I would be sad without my iPod. I need music. Constantly. My life seems empty without it, such as during those moments when my iPod's battery is dead.