Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Fail Whale of a Day

This woeful tale has no accompanying pictures. Therefore, enjoy these pictures from my iPhone library (and a lego Fail Whale) while I recount the events of yesterday in the lives of my roommate, our friend and myself.

I had woken up early to spend a few hours studying at the public library before meeting my Dutch class there for a walking tour of the city. Just minutes after leaving my study space, I realized I left my phone there. When I went back for it, it was gone.  I asked two employees and a security guard if someone had turned in a phone. They all looked at me like I was stupid. Awesome.

Phoneless, I met my class for the walking tour. We then spent the next two hours on what would have been a highly interesting historical tour of Amsterdam if it hadn't been freezing and pouring rain the entire time. I really shouldn't complain about this. I insisted on not wearing boots when I got dressed that morning. My toes have since regained feeling, but they have not forgiven me.

Arriving back in my warm apartment, I was surprised to see my roommate home when she was supposed to have been out with a friend. She told me that she made it about three blocks on her bike in the rain and decided it was not going to happen.

Figuring she would at least make something out of her trek into the thrashing wind and rain, she decided to pick up a few (much needed) groceries at the nearby Albert Heijn. When she got in the grocery store, she realized she only had 5 euro. What does one buy when equipped with a mere five euros and a long list of necessities like paper towels? Pudding mix, duh.

Yeah, then the day got better and we ate lots of food and watched Sherlock Holmes with our building. Particularly considering the food consumed, this part of the day was really more "whale" than "fail."

As we were getting ready for bed, we heard the familiar rhythmic knock of one of our hallmates. He had been locked out of his room and needed to stay the night. (NOTE: our doors lock automatically behind us and we are not allowed to call on the RAs past 9 pm) It turns out, he had had a girl over to his place for a dinner date and, just seconds after a perfect goodbye, he noticed she had left her mittens. He ran down the hall and caught her just in time to hand her the mittens...and to hear his door shut, locked, behind him. Shoeless. Phoneless. He ended the date on an awkward note and spent the night on our cushions.

Honestly, despite the FMyLife.com theme of the day, it was truly an enjoyable day. I mean, really, who can complain when your roommate specially makes you soy milk pudding?

Pictures from top to bottom:
1. K & L (Kate and Lauren) eat T-Giving (Thanksgiving). A documentary drawing by Kate Bristol.
2. When he's drunk, the Lorax thinks he can speak to the trees. Pfft, weirdo.
3. I really got dealt the letters "OMGITIS," in that order, during a game of Words with Friends.
4. My carry-on bag to Amsterdam consisted almost entirely of cheetos.
5. A worm (or, perhaps, a noodle) at Mr. Chopsticks in Denton.

One more fail:
I'm going to be continuing my streak of being M.I.A. on this blog until about Saturday as I'm working on a project that is wholly consuming my life. I'm talking the not eating, sleeping or changing clothes level of devotion. To those who read my blog to be assured that I'm alive and well, know that the alive part still stands while I'm not blogging this week.


CNE said...

Interesting fact: while I love love LOVE surrealist art, I've never once studied Ernst. It might have something to do with my unreasonable hatred of Germans. However I can see a certain kinship in creating an aviary alter-ego. I've also drawn a self-portrait as a turtle.

Also, you're in Amsterdam; besides losing your phone (which seriously sucks btw) there is very little that can qualify your life as FML worthy. But what do I know, I've never been.

One last thing, my word verification word for posting this comment is "Chenar". I looked it up and discovered it is a village in the Ardabil province of Iran. Interesting, no?

Kim and Roxanne said...

I can totally relate to you on having a fail of day. Sometimes it seems like i have entire weeks of fails.

Oh and the lego whale is way cute :)

Rose said...

um i would just like to clarify that the reason i did not get paper towels was because i hadn't brought any bags and not wanting to pay for one, i got things that would only fit in my purse. HENCE the pudding mix and tea.

Nyxie said...

Your blog is endlessly entertaining, I have just discovered. That docu-drawing is definitely a Win.

CNE said...

I had indonesian food yesterday. I found it to be like Chinese food but fruitier. Let me know if you see the Lightning Thief. I have no intention to see it as I find the movie trailers to be wholly disappointing.

Maskenlady said...

That's so true...

kirstyb said...

your phone being stolen is awful xoxox