Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My school has decided to implement video blogs into our written student blogs. I don't particularly like the first one I made, but I thought I'd share it here anyways since I haven't had anything to write about for a while.

Oh, also, my heat is out. That also means my hot water is not working. At least it gives me a legitimate excuse not to shower. "why does that girl smell so bad? ga-awd." "her hot water isn't working." "oh ok, chill."


Kate said...

LOVE the editing on the video. You are so freaking awesome. I'm so jealous of where you are AAAAUGHHH! so cool.

You've officially inspired me to finally make a new student blog for my school. Le sigh. But it won't be half as cool as yours.

Anonymous said...

too much fun, pal...

Aunt Eggma said...

okay, so when the road montage started, i thought it was amsterdam roads (before the highway bits) and i was like wow... this looks a lot like texas. and then i saw the southwestern uni. sign and familar highways.


Joanna said...

I miss you.

But I'm still so excited for you.

Good luck becoming a Master Cyclist!