Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Bruges

#1 Why have I still not seen this movie? I am going to waste so much time on Netflix when I get back to the States.

#2 Watch from :33 to :46 of the trailer. I climbed that tower, Belfry Tower. As I was climbing round and round and round I started realizing how narrow the stairwells were. I've done a lot of tower and cathedral climbing in the past month and these stairs were much more narrow than all of the rest. What do the workers at Belfry Tower do when people who actually can't fit in the stairwells want to climb the tower? Do they have to tell them that they're too fat to climb? That seems like it wouldn't go over well.  Probably most people know their limits so this isn't a problem, but what about guys like the one in the trailer who just don't know how narrow the stairs are? It's bound to happen!

The view from the Belfry

I only spent the day in Bruges, but it's a fairly small city and student museum cards for any museum in the city were only five euros. So I think I actually ended up seeing quite a bit. At any rate, I ate a Belgian waffle, bought some Belgian chocolate and had a Belgian beer I can't remember the name of. Those were my only real priorities.

 My camera died after I climbed Belfry Tower (it just couldn't take it!). I only made the effort to pull out my iPhone for photos that amused me, rather than taking artistic photos of the architecture or flowers. So, these are all I have to mark my day spent in Bruges.


Belgians have creepy advertising

Is there anyone who still watches Flashforward? Because this unexplained "No Crows" warning is hilarious if you do.

Grafitti at the top of Belfry Tower. Apostrophes are so difficult! In Bruges, there's a basilica that claims to have a vial of Jesus' blood that was brought to Bruges during the Second Crusade. It has some critics.

There are four windmills on the boundaries of Bruges, which used to be a part of the boundary fortification. 

Beside the windmill is this hill, on which we took a nap.

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Joanna said...

The In Bruges movie totally addresses the "you're too fat to go up there" issue. It's hilarious.