Thursday, April 8, 2010

20 New Things: Attend a Film Festival

When I was perusing travel guide books before coming to Amsterdam, I found a lot of sweet annual film festivals that would be happening in the spring. Somehow, they all kind of flew over my head. Seriously, how is it April already? My calendar still says March.

Anyways, I figured my goal to attend a film festival was going to go they way of several other 20 New Things things that are unfeasible at this point.

Fortunately, today a friend invited me to go see a showing of Casablanca at the Filmmuseum. After arriving and buying our tickets, we realized it was actually being shown as apart of the Film Biƫnnale film festival! I still haven't completely figured out the theme or purpose of the festival (I think they're just showing classic films?), but their flyers are designed to fold up into cootie catcher. Bonus!

It's only running through this weekend (during which time I'll be in Paris), but I really want to try to catch a showing of Andy Warhol's archives and properly attend the festival (aka be cognizant of the fact I am at a festival).

I've never actually been to a film festival before (hence why this was included as a new thing) and, since I didn't even know this was a festival, it clearly wasn't overly exciting. However, getting to see the Filmmuseum (where I assume a lot of the festivals take place) and how spectacular it is (huge old building with a red curtain and proscenium arch around the silver screen) motivated me to actually pay attention to any more festivals that might be happening while I'm here. There was some talk of a horror film fest...

And now the Lorax. With a classic red phone booth:

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