Monday, January 25, 2010

Providence, RI

When I was in Boston, my friend and I took a day trip over to Providence to visit my top-choice (and slightly out of grasp) university for transfer.

This is the student center (I think?) for Rhode Island School of Design. It was also the inspiration for the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast.

From the Brown green. I should have had one of us stand beside it as a scale because it was freaking huge.

More from Brown. Even in the snowy, glum weather it's pretty.

My requirement for schools? Must have ivy.

Don't look at the marquee. That's not what is important here. What is important is the words on top of and below the marquee. This is the FIRST Baptist church in America. Like, actually the first. Founded by Roger Williams. Completely beyond awesome. Roger Williams was such a badass.

When my friend and I first entered the atrium of the Amtrak station looking for a map, we saw a huge photo of this building and I joked, "let's go there!" I was so excited to actually stumble upon it later! I could have taken a million more pictures of the intricate architecture, but we were hurrying to get back to our train.

Providence is an arts center so you know everything there is going to be weirdly gorgeous and awesome. The neighborhood up near Brown and RISD had lots of fantastic looking buildings like the two shown. They really highlight the rustic, European style I always imagine New England buildings having. If you ever get a chance to go to Providence, follow Washington St. to where it splits into Waterman and Thomas. Then walk up both of them. You will not be disappointed.

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