Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year With New Adventures

I was having some trouble thinking of resolutions this year. To be honest, I actually hadn't even thought about making resolutions until my mom announced her's over our sweet potato and pecan pancake breakfast this morning (learn French and find a tango partner). After some twitter spamming/soul searching, I decided that I will try to floss everyday, drink more herbal tea and read more.

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The problem with resolutions for me this year is that in a few weeks time I will be leaving for Amsterdam, where I'll be studying for half of the year. After that, I'll be transferring universities and, at the moment, have no idea where I will be attending. With absolutely no idea what my world will be like this year, it's a bit difficult to make concrete goals.

Luckily, my blog idols were there to save the day. My favorite new concepts came from Sarah Von of Yes and Yes, who had some great ideas to organize and refresh your life at the start of the new year. Instead of distinct resolutions to try to stick to the whole year, she suggests doing things like cleaning out cupboards and closets and your car to start the year off clean and bright.

It got me thinking about how the new year is a much better time for a sort of spring cleaning than actual spring. I feel like cleaning and reorganizing at this time of the year is probably much more refreshing since it can break up and add some light to the dank, dreary winter.

Another unique thing that Sarah Von is working on is a list of 31 things to do before she turns 31. I love this idea! I think it's a great alternative to new year's resolutions and an awesome way to motivate yourself to try weird and exciting things. I am definitely going to start this. I especially want to begin this year because I'll be 20, which is a nice round number and, I suppose, the beginning of true adulthood? What better time to start new traditions and adventures than at the very beginning of being an adult?

My birthday is at the beginning of May, which means I'll still be abroad when I turn 20. So, a lot of my new things will probably be based on things I can explore in Europe. For that reason, I won't finalize my list until I get to The Netherlands and know more of what my options are. I mean, what if I put trying a new type of food on my list and then they don't have that food in The Netherlands?

I'll post my list at the end of January and have just three months to complete it all! That's the same mistake Sarah Von made her on first go. Hopefully, I'll be able to do it or else some of my list might have to roll over to my list of 21 new things. Until I finalize my list, I'll post some of my ideas and would really like to hear suggestions from anyone viewing my blog!

Anyone else make New Year's Resolutions?
Let's pwn them!

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Aunt Eggma said...

i can't wait to read about your european adventures. i have no concrete suggestions yet, but for now, just fully enjoy yourself!