Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now Taking Suggestions For 21 New Things

I'm at a standstill in making my list of 21 new things to try before my 21st birthday in May. I have about twelve right now, which include running a 5K, making candy sushi and doing some left overs I didn't get around to last time.

So, please leave your suggestions here or on twitter or IRL! I think I'm mostly going towards crafty things this year and maybe picking up new skills. I'd also be up for places I should go to/things I should do in the New York area. But any and all suggestions are welcome. Hopefully I can get started before the end of the summer. Until then... Moustache Party!

"You draw on your mustache while I powder my nose... Rose Robert, together we make quite a remarkable pair."

I think this is what happened to the Merry Pranksters' bus when the seventies hit. 

10 points for a mug I desperately want. 20 points for awesome British YouTubers.
property of Charlie McDonnell

baby hipster

(featuring several of my brother's high school best friends who I totally crushed on as a twelve year-old)


Anonymous said...

I'm still voting for a derive, if not in Paris, in NYC...Lower East Side, maybe? Or the Village....

Aunt Eggma said...

seeing all the mustaches immediately made me think: lauren should grow a mustache for one of her 21 things! or since you can't, just grow other bodily hair like a hippy (perhaps one that rode the bus-tache once upon a time) for a month without shaving or something. i dunno, it might be a little too much.

re: your wonderful comment. first off, thanks for taking the time to respond and to respond so thoughtfully. i agree with you on most all the points you made. i don't have any qualms with technology itself. i want to see it improve and become even more convenient and faster. i have no desire it to stay stagnant.
powers discussed our lessening attention spans in his book also and i don't greatly fear that either. if we are getting the information we need faster, we obviously do not need to spend as much time looking for it and absorbing it like we did before.

but i'm only apprehensive of the vanity of social media, like you mentioned, and the time and attention wasted on it. a lot of people don't have the ability to differentiate 'real life' from their cyber life; their 'real life' is constantly being validated and recorded in their cyber life. maybe this isn't even a problem, but i see it as one. maybe i shouldn't.

after i deleted my twitter, i felt strangely lonely for a few days. that was such a foreign feeling to me and i really didn't like that i felt that way.
i guess what i'm trying to say is that i have a lot of personal misgivings about social media than misgivings about it in general.

a lot of people are comfortable with being dependent on these sites. maybe for the newer generations, this will be second nature to them, like emails and cellphones are to us now. but for now, i'm trying to wary of my own involvement with it for my own peace of mind.

as for my blog, i decided to keep it. but i'm trying to make it at least a little bit informative and a lot less self-involved, a lot like your blog; it obviously involves you, but it isn't completely centered around you.