Monday, June 28, 2010

Exploring The City Different

I've been in Santa Fe for just over a week now. It's interesting to be in a place that's so sunny, but not anywhere near as hot as Texas. Every morning starts out in the sixties and then it will heat up to the seventies. Sometime in the afternoon there will be a bit of rain and then it cools down again for the night.

Am I really talking about the weather? It's such a characteristically dull thing to talk about. In fact, when I'm speaking with people who I find dull or who I have nothing to say to, I deliberately talk about the weather. Does this mean I'm becoming dull? Efffff.

While I find some way to become interesting again (Kermit the Frog jacket? Carry around a vuvuzela?), enjoy these photos from around Santa Fe.

Front of part of the house

The river that runs through the backyard. Only, it's all dried up right now. 

This is where they filmed the opening of Timeline. Except not.

We invaded St. John's. I almost applied here. Kinda surreal to be on the campus.

Ghost Ranch, where Georgia O'Keefe used to spend her summers. She spent the rest of every year in New York. She was born in the Midwest, but lived in Texas for a while. Clearly, these geographic similarities make me the new Georgia O'Keefe.

This sign was near Abiquiu Lake. I don't get it.

Looking a bit froggy at Abiquiu Lake. It was cloudy most of the day, but I still managed a sunburn. That's talent there. Pure talent.


If you haven't seen the new Deathly Hallows trailer yet, WATCH. IT. NOW. It's giving me slight hope that they've finally got it right and made the film as interesting and awesome as the book. I guess I'll find out in 143 days.


klcalder said...

I love your surroundings! It's pretty there, even with desert :). As for Deathly Hallows, this has to be the best because it is THE movie. I will be there at midnight, 7 month pregnant, and if they waste my time and precious sleep, someone will pay.

Aunt Eggma said...

this looks so painting-like and awesome. and the weather sounds heavenly.

courtney said...

Unless I missed some sarcasm about the "Aquatic Hitch Hikers" sign, there are these mussels called Quaga Mussels (and I think Zebra mussels too) that aren't native to certain lakes, but they attach to boats and get brought in and devestate the local environment by clogging dams and the like, so a lot of lakes have implemented a policy of checking the boat and not allowing any boats which have been on other lakes within a certain timespan to avoid contamination! Hence, no aquatic hitch hikers. Personally I just think quagga mussels is a hilarious name!